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    Usage analytics for sessions and requests

    The amount of usage is visualized in the Cloud’s administration with interactive charts. Requests and sessions are displayed and billed separately. Visit the usage analytics page under your account...

  • Dalibor Janak created an article,

    What is map session in MapTiler Cloud?

    This article explains the session-based billing model in MapTiler Cloud and gives a basic overview of what a map session is. Other map providers may label map sessions as "map loads". Map Sessions ...

  • Dalibor Janak created an article,

    Satellite 2021 distribution

    The Satellite 2021 dataset is part of the MapTiler Satellite map. You can use it via API in MapTiler Cloud or download it for self-hosting as a MapTiler Data package. This article shows how to set ...

  • Dalibor Janak created an article,

    MapTiler Planet updates

    MapTiler Planet tileset is updated roughly every 2-3 weeks. The timestamp of each update is recorded in the metadata list. You can find this metadata list in MapTiler Cloud on every tilesets sub-pa...

  • Dalibor Janak created an article,

    TileJSON for map tiles

    You are going to learn about the TileJSON format and its benefits. This article will give you an overview of the most common use cases for TileJSON, show you the general description and specificati...

  • Dalibor Janak created an article,

    MapTiler Countries dataset

    MapTiler Countries is a dataset that primarily contains data about administrative divisions of the world based on countries and their territories. The dataset is designed to be used as an interacti...

  • Dalibor Janak created an article,

    Join MapTiler Countries with your own custom data and make a choropleth map

    A Choropleth map is the type of thematic map used for the visualization of statistical data on areas with colors or structured symbology. It is used to show the population in each country, election...

  • Dalibor Janak created an article,

    How to generate MapTiler Data extracts

    This article will show you how to activate the process of generating DATA extract manually. This process should be used if you purchased the extract from MapTiler Data and it is not available autom...