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    IP Geolocation API

    As part of MapTiler Cloud, we provide an easy-to-use API endpoint to obtain basic geolocation information about the current visitor (based on the IP address of the incoming request). The precision ...

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    Admin API

    This article provides an overview of the new API intended for uploading of tilesets. Overview If you want to change metadata of already created tilesets, add new ones, or delete them, you can now d...

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    How to create a land polygon with a drop shadow effect

    A land polygon tileset is available in the Standard Tiles section of your MapTiler Cloud account. This article shows how to style land features with a drop-shadow effect. The land polygon tileset c...

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    Incorrect usage of 512px tiles

    If you use 512x512px tiles instead of 256x256px tiles, make sure you display them correctly in your map viewer. Users sometimes use the 512px tiles without properly adjusting the viewer on their we...

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    Receiving 5xx Errors

    If you are experiencing any 5xx error while using the MapTiler Cloud service, check the MapTiler status page or the @maptilerstatus on Twitter to see whether the issue has been reported. If the iss...

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    Geocoding API

    Geocoding is the process of transforming place names to geographical coordinates. Contrary to that, the transformation of coordinates into place names is called reverse geocoding.You can find the G...

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    How to upload MBTiles or GeoPackage into MapTiler Cloud using API

    This tutorial shows how to upload tiles in GeoPackage or MBTiles to MapTiler Cloud using the command-line utility. Getting the token In order to successfully upload your resources using the command...

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    Signing requests to Cloud API

    This article describes how to sign requests to MapTiler Cloud API. While the standard authorization method of API keys is sufficient in most cases (especially when combined with Origin restrictions...

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    Difference between 256x256, 512x512, and HiDPI/Retina rasterized tiles

    This article explains what are the several types of rasterized map tiles available in MapTiler Cloud. You will learn what is the difference between larger tile size and scale as well as what to cho...

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    How to set up MapTiler Cluster

    This article shows the basic structure of the MapTiler Cluster and the necessary steps for its proper setup. What is MapTiler Cluster MapTiler Cluster is a solution for creating map tiles from larg...