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    What is tile request in MapTiler Cloud

    One of the two billing models in MapTiler Cloud is based on the number of generated tile requests.This way the customer pays only for what they use. A single vector map view usually generates 4 til...

  • Martin Elias created an article,

    Raster vs Vector Map Tiles: What Is the Difference Between the Two Data Types?

    This article will help you understand the problematics of raster and vector map tiles and the main differences between these two map data types. You will learn about different MapTiler products...

  • Martin Elias created an article,

    Team Account

    The following text provides all the details about the MapTiler Cloud Team account feature. There are different roles and permissions explained in the article and you will also find out what role is...

  • Martin Elias created an article,

    Edit style: Quick customization of the map (Roads and traffic)

    This article contains a simple tutorial on how to edit the style of line features in the map - mainly roads and streets. In case you are interested in deeper and more complex map styling, please vi...

  • Martin Elias created an article,

    Georeferencer functionalities

    This article gives a detailed overview of the abilities and functions of the georeferencer tool. When you select manual georeferencing in MapTiler Engine, you'll be taken to a new page. Georeferenc...

  • Martin Elias created an article,

    What is a Multi-license and when do I need it?

    When do you need a multi-license? Multi-license is a yearly fee that is required in these cases: Your products or services containing the map data are targeting other legal entities (companies/in...

  • Martin Elias created an article,

    How to reduce the number of requests by switching to the new MapTiler Planet dataset

    During the summer of 2020, we updated the way how some maps are being loaded from our servers. Landcover in all our maps is now part of the planet (previously, it was a standalone dataset). Therefo...

  • Martin Elias created an article,

    How to protect your map key

    If you publish a map, you are also exposing your map key. MapTiler offers several methods to give you control over the key to avoid misuse. Your key setting can be found if you log in to MapTiler C...

  • Martin Elias created an article,

    Pattern styling of maps

    This article briefly describes the pattern styling of maps. Stripped fill is a way of expressing qualitative and quantitative characteristics of areal phenomena using point or line cartographic sig...

  • Martin Elias created an article,

    How to create a map with the Leaflet JavaScript library

    Copy & paste sample source code Creating a map with the Leaflet JavaScript library is straightforward on MapTiler Cloud. Go to MapTiler Cloud Maps, create a free account, select the map you like, g...