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How to install MapTiler Server via Docker with HTTPS

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  • Vitor Pinheiro

    Hi Martin,

    This article is very clear and we have been able to implement a solution this way.

    Now we are facing another issue. We want to deploy APIs/webservers on the same machine, all of it using https/443. To achieve this I extend the nginx file with locations like "/apiv1" and "/apiv2" but also I need the base location "/" to be free for other things.

    How can I add a prefix to the url/path that the tile server uses? The tile server will happily take "https://machine_name" over but I need a little more than this, something like "https://machine_name/maps". Is there a way to achieve this via configuration of the tile server itself?


  • Jiri Jelinek

    Hello Vitor,

    Thank you for leaving a comment in the documentation portal!

    You are right, it is currently not easy to configure the source folder for the maps.
    Frankly speaking, MapTiler Server is not able to work with the path "https://machine_name/maps".

    I am going to push your insight to the product team to consider and put it on the product roadmap.

    In the meantime, could you please use a separate subdomain like: maps.domain.tld/ ?

    Yours sincerely


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