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API references for developers.

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Maps APIs

Maps platform

Ready to use maps for developers available via API.

Static maps

Generate images with static maps for fast loading on web.


Data and JavaScript library for weather visualizations.

SDKs for web & mobile

JavaScript SDK

JavaScript/TypeScript map library for web.

AR maps

Maps in augmented reality.

Android SDK

Mobile SDK for Android.


Mobile SDK for Apple devices.

Map tiling & hosting

Data hosting

Hosting for maps and geodata of any size.

Data processing

Raster and vector map files tiling software.


IP Geolocation

Geolocation information based on IP address.


EPSG coordinate systems search and transformation API.

Map design

Map design

Cartography tool map designers.


Tilesets for creating maps.

Self hosting

Map Server

On-premises and offline maps server software.

Self-hosted maps

Data for on-premises and offline maps.

JavaScript Frameworks

Learn how to make maps with your favourite JavaScript framework.

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Popular JavaScript map libraries

Are you searching for an alternative to MapTiler JS SDK? Learn how to make maps with other popular JavaScript libraries.

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